With more than twenty combined years of experience in various industries, we can deliver the best consulting services for your organization.

What type of consulting do you offer for countries?

We offer policy-based consulting and helping governments understand how to collect, analyze, and use data to better serve their citizens.

I am not a country, but I need your help in my Ministry, what can you do for me?

We work with ministries as well and we would love to help your ministry. Reach out to us via our contact page and we will be sure to get back to you.

Do You Offer consulting services in my language?

ADOSSI has consultants all over the world and can work in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic as well as local dialects. While those are our most popular languages, we do have an extended network of consultants that we can call upon to better serve you.

International NGOs/Nonprofits
What is the typical budget you work with?

It really depends on our clients' needs. We are open to working with most NGOs budgets and if we cannot serve you, we will refer you to other consulting firms within our network.

Can your consultants visit our office?

While ADOSSI is a remote-only company, yes, we do site visits as needed and according to our clients' needs.

How do you keep our data private?

We use encryption services and tools. For more information, feel free to book a consultation with us.

We are a smaller startup, can you help us?

Whether your startup is at the ideation stage or has had its first profit-generating month, we are capable of helping your startup.

Are there any specific types of consulting that you offer startups/SMEs?

Yes, we have helped a few startups strategize on moving to the African continent. This includes building their brand strategy in Africa and connecting them with the right individuals to ensure their transition to a new market is smooth.

Do you offer any training for my staff?

While our past focus has been on training staff for DEI, we are working on training staff in other areas such as data privacy and data literacy. For more information, contact us for a consultation.