Our talented team offers a wide variety of services in several verticals we don't discriminate if you are an SME or a country. We are here to help you reach your specific goals.

What We Do


Innovative training and development for your management team.


Innovative Solutions for your Business or Nonprofit's corporate and organisational strategy, policies, and functional strategy.


Innovative strategies to help your business perform efficiently. 


Innovative data-based research support to help your organization's research and impact needs.

Case Studies

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The Process

First, we assess your organization to identify the issues your organization is currently facing.

We then send a proposal according to your discussed needs and our proven methods.

Once the proposal is approved and the contract is signed, we get to work and work alongside your team to realize the changes necessary to help your company or nonprofit grow and create positive impact.

Our Perks

Expert Consultants

Data Privacy

Multi-Lingual Consultants

Responsive Consulting

Customized Solutions


For-Profits and Startups

With a network of over 10 consultants, we have the capacity to help your business focus on the important factor, your bottom line.

Our approach is simple: provide solutions based on data because "every business is a data business".

take your business to the next level


Our consulting solutions for nonprofits span several fields, from research consulting to diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting.

If you are searching for an organization that understands you are a nonprofit with goals and metrics, and that you are also running a business, we are the consulting firm for you.

Whether you need help growing your audience base, donor base, or increasing your funding, we can help.




What Kind Of Consulting Do You Offer?

We offer strategy, operations, management, and financial consulting. Our consulting services cross industries and we have a proven track record of providing consulting services for nonprofits and for-profits alike.

Can You Help My Company Grow?

Yes we can! We use a proven method to help you understand your impact and help you identify gaps and new lines of services and products to help your company grow.

In which countries/regions do you have a presence?

ADOSSI is a remote-first company with a presence in the United States, Canada, Togo, and Benin.

How much do your services cost?

Our services are personalized and customized to the budget of the organization.

I Have Other Questions How Can I Contact You?

You can contact us by Contacting Us or reaching out to us directly at [email protected].

Our Lenses


We believe every organization, whether for-profit or nonprofit, is a data business.


We believe every organization, whether for-profit or nonprofit, should operate from a justice point of view.


We believe every organization, whether for-profit or nonprofit, creates lasting impact within the communities it operates.


We believe every organization, whether for-profit or nonprofit, should operate sustainably and we use the SDGs to guide much of our consulting solutions.

Our Mission

ADOSSI Research and Consulting Firm is a firm focused on driving results and decision-making through data analysis. Our mission is to help our clients succeed through innovative research, decision-making algorithms, and cogent management consulting services.



We believe in a world informed by data, enlightened by research, and impacted by diversity. We strive to maintain high ethical standards while serving our clients.

In a world that is unpredictable, we operate on the notion of "Do No Harm".

We help your organization create impact by using data-based consulting.