Developing Women Leaders in Uganda

From July to September 2022, ADOSSI worked with Pollicy to provide training on social media relations for women leaders in Uganda.

According to UN Women, women only make up 34% of government officials worldwide. Similarly,  in Uganda, only 35% of parliamentary seats are held by women. Despite women making up 50% of the world population, they only hold 1/3 of the decision making roles. Pollicy saw this as an opportunity to improve the capacities of women in Uganda. They discovered that despite representation of women in parliamentary roles, many women were still being left behind in the digitization of communications at the government level. Many women leaders are simply do not have public relations teams or the social media relations background to publicize their achievements and campaigns to the communities they serve. This lack of capacity, in turn, often harms the careers of women leaders. As a result, Pollicy implemented their WOMEN VOTE program in order to provide comprehensive social media training for women leaders.

From July to September 2022, ADOSSI collaborated with Pollicy to provide social media training for Women leaders in Uganda. This training provided modules on navigating different social media platforms, writing to and reaching different audiences worldwide, online safety, and social media branding. Although many of African leaders rely on Whatsapp to communicate with their audiences, the training provided women leaders with strategies to ensure they can also use other social media means to reach their international audiences as well as local audiences. And, during the course of the training, Whatsapp released its latest update, Communities, which enables leaders to stay in touch with their communities. Our Founder, Dr. Adossi, specifically provided training on reaching different audiences, including international non-governmental organizations.

As a result of this training, ADOSSI is currently looking for ways to help Pollicy scale up its efforts to bring this training, at no cost to women leaders, to many other developing countries around the world. If you or your organization is interested in helping to scale up this project, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Photo credit: PICHA